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Lobby Type Big-Screen Bill Payment Kiosk

Color: Customized Color
Country: China
Model: ONT-ZD-3135
SPECS: Customized SPECS
Product Details

ONTECH big-screen bill payment kiosk is designed for all industries which require self-service bill payment purpose. It can be used for Telecom, bank, government, blockchain, transportation, school, etc.

We can add cash/coin out modules to give out changes after payment. This kiosk supports multi payment methods: Cash, bank card, Mobile payment (Alipay, Wechat pay, google wallet, apply pay, etc). The LED lights decoration makes it more modern and attractive.

Functions Description:

Cash payment, receipt issuing, bank card payment, etc. Mainly used in various industries which require self-service bill payment purpose. With LED lights decoration around, it can help to save labor cost, improve sales to increase revenue. It can be installed inside or outside, suitable for all kinds of environment.

Technical SPECS:

Industrial PC controller(Windows, Linux, Android)

27 or 32" touch screen

LAN or WLAN(WiFi, 3G/4G)

Receipt printer

★ Bank card reader+EPP

★ Cash acceptor

★ Stainless steel metal keyboard

★ Webcam

Optional Components:

Speaker: voice guide

★ Cash/coin dispenser modules

UPS: uninterrupted Power Supply


Other components can be added upon request, OEM/ODM service available

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