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Wall Type Cashless Food Ordering Kiosk

Color: Customized Color
Country: China
Model: ONT-ZD-8007
SPECS: Customized SPECS
Product Details

ONTECH wall mount type food ordering kiosk is also called restaurant kiosk, which is specially designed for QSR restaurants to reduce the opeartion cost of hiring staffs with high labor cost. It includes the credit/debit payment method, with high security protection. With ONTECH restaurant kiosk, customers will never wait for a long queuing for food ordering, also time saving. Wall type food ordering kiosk is specially designed for limited space restaurants, the front open design is convenient for maintenance.

Functions Description:

Food bill payment,   food ordering, food menu checking, information checking, etc.

Technical SPECS:

Industrial PC controller(Windows, Linux, Android)

15, 17, 19, 21.5, 24, 27 or bigger touch screen

LAN or WLAN(WiFi, 3G/4G)

Credit card reader(inserted card reader, NFC reader)

Encrypted pin pad

Receipt printer

Optional Components:

Speaker: voice guide

UPS: uninterrupted Power Supply

Barcode scanner: 1D/2D scanner



Other components can be added upon request, OEM/ODM service available

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