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Parking Kiosk

  • Self-Service Car Parking Payment Kiosk

Self-Service Car Parking Payment Kiosk

  • Model No.: ONT-ZD-2031
  • ONTECH Lobby type car parking payment kiosk is
  • mainly used for all kinds of parking slots like: shopping mall,
  • shopper center, supermarket, residential property, hospital,
  • etc。 It can help dirvers to find their car location, and allow
  • drivers to pay the parking fee in a fast way. 7/24 hours service. 
  • This kiosk supports multi payment methods: Bank card, cash,
  • coin, mobile payment(wechat, alipay, google wallet, etc)

Functions Description:

Information checking, car finding, bank card payment, cash payment, parking card dispensing, receipt printing, etc. Mainly used for all kinds of parking slots like: shopping mall, shopper center, supermarket, residential property, hospital, etc. It can help dirvers to find their car location, and allow drivers to pay the parking fee in a fast way. 7/24 hours service. 

Technical SPECS:

 Industrial PC controller(Windows, Linux, Android)

★ 15, 17, 19, 21.5“ touch screen

★ LAN or WLAN(WiFi, 3G/4G)

★ Bank card reader

★ Encrypted pin pad

★ Receipt printer

★ Cash/coin acceptor, cash/coin dispenser

Barcode scanner

Contactless card reader

Card dispenser

Optional Components:

★ Speaker: voice guide

★ UPS: uninterrupted Power Supply

★ Webcam

★ Top Light box


Other components can be added upon request, OEM/ODM service available

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