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  • Open Frame PCAP Touch Monitor
  • Open Frame PCAP Touch Monitor
  • Open Frame PCAP Touch Monitor
Open Frame PCAP Touch Monitor Open Frame PCAP Touch Monitor Open Frame PCAP Touch Monitor

Open Frame PCAP Touch Monitor

  • Open frame touch monitor/display is specially designed for various
  • kiosk cabinet applications, such as bank's ATM, subway tickets
  • machine, self-boarding machine, vending machine, etc. Such touch
  • monitor features with compact structure, faster installation, high
  • cost–effective, etc.
  • ONTECH offers various sizes of the touch monitors from 10.1" to
  • 43", pls download the data sheet in the production description to
  • know more technical details.

Full Size PCAP Touch Display


ONTECH open-frame touch monitor lineup includes 3 types of structural configurations: plastic middle frame, metal front cover and bezel-free. The plastic middle frame touch monitors blend our patented designing. 

There are 5 basic models currently, 15.6”/17”/18.5”/19”/21.5”; the metal front frame and bezel-free touch monitors support size from 9.7” to 24” applications and feature with high customizing capabilities.

All of our open-frame touch monitors employ Projected Capacitive (PCAP) touch technology; it features with rapid touch response, high touch accuracy, durability and reliability. We also provide other touch technologies for option, eg. SAW(Surface Acoustic Wave) and IR(infrared).

All open-frame touch monitors are equipped with the Projected Capacitive (PCAP) touch technology, it the most advanced touch technology currently, features with 10-point multi-touch, rapid response, high accuracy, no touch pressure required, dust and water proof, ultra durability, etc. brings super excellent touch experience to users. Furthermore, for special applications, the PCAP touch screen can be customized, including anti-vandal, anti-EMI. We also provide other touch technologies, such as SAW and IR for option.


The open-frame touch monitor with metal front cover features with flexible customization capability with low engineering cost and rapid deliver, including special size and supporting built-in different thickness PCAP touch screen. Such open-frame touch monitor is very suitable for industrial control applications, for example, the rear maintenance touch display for ATM and AFC machine. This kind touch monitor with size from 10.1" to 43" is available currently.

The bezel-free open-frame touch monitor has the simplest structure, the PCAP touch screen is fixed to LCD panel with double-side adhesive tape, the combination of rear chassis and circuit boards is assemblies with LCD panel via screws. the front surface of the touch monitor is completely flat, it helps all touch terminals to achieve more elegant appearance. This structure designing also support flexible customization, the monitors with size from 9.7" to 24" are available now.

Touch Monitor Data Sheet Download:



150TR_DataSheet(E)_Oct2019_V1(Without DVI).pdf

156TR_DataSheet(E)_Oct2019_V1(Without DVI).pdf




215TR_DataSheet(E)_Oct2019_V1(Without DVI).pdf

215TRa_DataSheet(E)_Oct2019_V1(Best Choice).pdf





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