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  • 80mm Thermal Receipt Kiosk Printer

80mm Thermal Receipt Kiosk Printer

  • Model NO.: ONT-RP-D347-TL
  • 3" thermal kiosk printer substitutes for EPSON M-T532 series
  • Brand name printer mechanism
  • High printing speed
  • Auto cutting (full/partial by Adjustable)
  • Interfaces diversification
  • Multiple detection sensors
  • Paper jam prevention 
  • Support Windows/Linux/Android OS

Thermal kiosk printer ONT-RP-D347-TL

3" thermal kiosk printer substitutes for EPSON M-T532 series


Seiko CAPD347A-E printer head

ALL-IN-ONE structure

High speed170mm/s

Adjustable cutting method (full/partial)

Multiple interfaces (RS-232/USB/Parallel)

180°paper feed

Blackmark detection

Paper jam detection

Paper end/ near end detection

Dragging paper detection

Paper retracting and ejecting supporting

WindowsXP/Win7/Win8 /Android OS

Function innovation:

1.” ALL-IN-ONE structure” facilitates user installation and maintenance

2. High speed for170 mm/s

3. Same outside dimension and fixed position with EPSON M-T532

4. Multiple interfaces and easy for adjustment

5. Accessories: paper near end sensor; paper jam sensor; dragging paper sensor; paper presenter, paper holding unit

6. Android OS application


Self-service terminal; ATM; CDM; parking system; payment kiosk; coupon machine; automatic call distributor; ticket vendor; inquiry machine; multimedia kiosk and more


Easy paper loading design:180° auto paper loading

 Easy print:

1. the length of ejecting ticket reach at 1.2m(max)

2.original star presenter unit ejects ticket speed at 300 lines/s(max)


 The paper near end function:

1. lighten:printer feeds paper on normal status

2. extinguished: paper end or near end (PE indicator blinks)


Paper  Jam|Dragged Detection:

paper guide mouth with LED indication design:

1. ticket dragging detection: when user drags ticket, printer will detect this status with LED blinking and cutting ticket (the status will transmit to terminal server)

2. paper jam detection: when paper jam hapened, the status will be transmitted to terminal server until jam cleaned.

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