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  • Dekstop All-in-One Touch Computer

Dekstop All-in-One Touch Computer

  • Touch computer and Touch All-in-One (AiO) can help customers
  • to configure their application systems faster and easier than ever
  • before. They also can help customers to reduce the total cost.



ONTCH touch computer and Touch All-in-One (AiO) can help customers to configure their application systems faster and easier than ever before. They also can help customers to reduce the total cost.

Touch AiOs are developed based on our open-frame and wall-mount touch displays, they have built-in computer boards or OPS modules. We also provide abundant customizing options, such as hardware configurations, peripheral interfaces, operating systems (OS) and applications software, etc. 

Touch AiOs product line supports applications size from 9.7” to 84”; the standard configuration of touch technology is projected capacitive touch, and multi infrared touch for products size over 55”; the computer modules include ARM and X86 platform, support OS such as Windows, Linux, Android and Ubuntu, etc. 

All of our touch computers feature with excellent touch performance, high reliability, cost effectiveness, and flexible configuration, etc. They can meet customers’ various demands. Until now, we have delivered dozens kinds of touch computers for global customers.

The touch computer includes 3 types of structures: open-frame, wall-mount and desktop. The open-frame touch computer is designed based on our open-frame touch monitor by integrating computer board into its back cover, and the dimension of the front surface will not be changed. The open-frame touch computer is suitable for any application which requires embedded installation. The wall-mount touch computer is designed based on our wall-mount touch display, and it can be disposed at any position with wall-mount brackets or floor type stands. By the aid of desktop stand, the small and medium size wall-mount touch computer also can be used as desktop touch computer.


Touch computer can be divided into ARM and X86 according to the computing platform of the main board. The touch computer with built-in ARM board provides several configuration options, such as processor model, RAM and Flash memory capacity, WiFi, Bluetooth and wireless 3G, etc. The X86 platform touch computer has built-in Intel mobile computing main board, provides i3, i5 or i7 processor for option, the RAM is 2GB or 4GB normally, and the storage has hard disc or SSD for option. For large and medium size touch computer (usually larger than 32”), it can support plug-and-play computer module, OPS, it very helpful for re-configuration and maintenance.

The touch computer supports Windows, Linux, Android and Ubuntu operating systems. For Windows XP, we have touch driver, and for Windows upper than Windows XP, the touch computer is driver free; for relatively new edition of Linux, Android and Ubuntu systems, it’s also driver free, and there are driver tuning manuals for the previous editions of these systems, customers can do driver tuning by themselves. Our software developing service can provide customized interactive application software for various purposes, such as wayfinding, entertainment, self-ordering, and information enquiry, etc. whatever for Windows or Linux platform. Help customers to build their application system quickly and easily.

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